The most popular items of clothing ever.

The T-shirt was born in 1913 when the U.S. Navy issued crewnecks for soldiers to wear under their uniforms. Nowadays is the most popular items of clothing, versatile and always stylish.
The T-shirt remained realm of underwear until the 1950s, thank to important sex symbols like Marlon Brand, James Dean and Paul Newman who wore simple white T-shirts with a natural elegance.

In the 1960s, hippies started to tie-dye them to obtain psychedelic effects. During the Vietnam War T-shirts were used to communicate pacifist messages.

The last century has seen the T-shirt transform into a personal billboard: carrier of any kind of messages, used to promote concerts or cities (the best-selling t-shirt in the US is that with the “I  NY” design”) or used as a gadget.

Round neck, V neck, raw cut edges, boat neck, hoodie t-shirts…infinite are the models of this popular and loved items.
Just a single detail to make a simple T-shirt unique!