Audes and Vodafone, a successful business case

The collaboration between Audes and Vodafone Italia, developed over the last two years, has proved to be a successful business case.
The Italian branch of the telephone communication multinational chose two years ago to rely on the expertise of Audes to dress all retailers and after two years it reviews, presenting to the Paduan company a detailed report of the reasons for success, seen on the customer side.

The service provided by Audes to Vodafone Italia is not limited to the supply of clothing, from the point of view of both design and production, but it includes also the development and management of the web platform and the distribution.

Audes has been responsible for the creation of clothing, from its design to its production.
A delicate design, matched with the research of materials, has created better uniforms, made from stabilized fabrics dyed with reactive colours, with contrasting inserts, labels and personalized buttons, featuring embroideries, patches and on the edge prints.
There is a wide range of products manufactured for retailers: from the sportswear to the more elegant clothes. To the traditional long-zip sweatshirts it adds the model with the buttons; the polo shirts, both short and long sleeve, are presented in two different colours: red Vodafone and grey. Unavoidable the standard t-shirt, that contrasts with the long sleeve shirt, in combination with the grey tie for men and the red scarf for women.
A collection of impact and quality, designed by the creative department of Audes to surprise and, at the same time, to allow the staff to work in full comfort.

The web platform has been developed to provide extensive possibilities to the retailers and allows a reserved access to the collection through login.
The purchase is done with a simple click, but additional services can be exploited: the additional nominal customization, through a patch customized with the name; the management of the collection as a resale or as gifts. There is also a personal backend area that completes the options tracking the orders and the stock. A simple and intuitive multi-service platform.

To complete it all, the Audes team manages the logistics and the distribution in all its aspects: the storage and the partition of the merchandise by destination, the shipping to the stores (more than 800 stores for more than 6000 people), with the inventory control in real time. Furthermore, the merchandise is stocked and sent in customized boxes.

Vodafone’s feedback is definitely positive: Audes has asked this feedback directly to the users of its products (the staff of the stores), that were excited to take part in the research, and Vodafone has been glad to share the results with its partner.

Which strenghts have been noticed by Vodafone?
From the services point of view, the chance to have a management separated from the core business and optimized for each type of product and the existence of a fully dedicated customer care. Regarding the uniforms, instead, what stands out is the quality, greater than the previous suppliers, the practicality, the comfort proved by the Audes’ articles and the recognizability into the stores.

These aren’t the only advantages of the project: first of all a single supplier and representative for design, production and distribution, including the warehouse control and the reorders, allows not only uniformity of the sales and the processes, but also linearity and simplification of the entire flow and even more so a cost reduction. Outsourcing the process turns into a business for the customer.