Audes on stage at Colonia’s FIBO next to 4+ Nutrition

In a few days AUDES will be on stage at Colonia’s FIBO next to 4+ NUTRITION, a customer with which has started a profitable partnership to realize the fitness man and woman collection.

In the last few years, Audes has specialized in the realization of technical items and has estabilished a relationship with a lot of international fitness brands, among which there is the Italian 4+ Nutrition, which presents the new collection at Colonia’s FIBO, in Germany, one of the main fairs in the industry.

In these years, Audes has increased its technical know-how, in terms of both materials and design.
The fitness clothing, and techical in general, require on the edge materials, breathable and antibacterial, of the latest generation, but, to make the best, these fabrics have to be used at ideal points. This is why Audes is inspired by the industry leaders and with its customers studies the shapes and design that best fit each article, so that it can promote the best athletic performance to the athletes that choose ad hoc products.

4+ Nutrition for years has chosen Audes as a partner to realize its collections and presents them at Colonia’s FIBO. The German fair, planned from 6 to 9 April 2017, has now come to the 32nd edition, and is one of the main fairs of the fitness and wellness industry, in which participate 940 exhibitors from 42 countries and thousands of visitors: about 530,000 are expected, coming from more than 100 countries, including both industry operators and private visitors.
The exhibitors are manufacturers of machinery and room tools, manufacturers of beauty and therapeutic equipment, medical devices, supplements’ industries that present the latest news and the top range products, fitness associations.
The visitors, that in this way are able to know all the aspects of the fitness and wellness world, can also take part in the courses and attend the demonstrations of the new disciplines, as well as shop in the big Shopping mall that sells many products, included books, thematic DVDs, wellness trips and sports holidays.

The Paduan 4+ Nutrition introduces itself to the FIBO (hall 10.2, stand 22) with two man and woman collections, characterized by the company’s distinctive colours: fluo yellow and black. The woman collection includes also leggings and tops in fluo pink and black and, with the man collection, includes also camouflage variants: a T-shirt and leggings for men, while top, vest and leggings for women, with sublimation prints. All the leggings and shorts have mesh inserts designed to let the athletes bodies breathe. All the articles are made of breathable polyester and elastane. The collection is completed by a black and yellow long zip technical sweatshirt, 100% polyester with fluo yellow zip pockets.

The company is a leader in the field of food integration and in the last few years has grow exponentially thanks to its outstanding quality and reliability. The formulations are always valued and weighted, rich in active principles. Raw materials are soughted all over the world and are guaranteed by strict quality standards, in factories that use only dietary foods and supplements excluding medicines, submitting the products to a strict control. All the 4+ Nutrition products are notified to the Ministry of Health before being sold. The quality of the product is then flanked by the original neon yellow packaging, which is being noticed in all Italian stores. But it’s not just a matter of visual impact, there’s more: the transparency of the packaging represents the complete transparency of the company too, because it wants that the customers see what they buy. As a further detail in the packaging, there are also the “safe guard” plugs that are heat-sealed in order to avoid contamination while preserving the product: only the best for 4+ Nutrition customers.