Audes presents the new Company Profile and the Collection 2017

The time has come: after an in-depth study, Audes presents the new Company Profile and the Collection 2017.

The Audes team of graphic designers and designers has studied for a long time the corporate image and, without twisting the brand identity, has subjected all corporate documents to an elegant restyling. Loyal to the simplicity and clear style that have always characterized the company’s reality, the new documents once again show the solidity of the Audes’ project and the original style that make it one of the industry’s most important realities.

The Company Profile illustrates the company’s new developments and new directions, while the Collection 2017 shows the core products and some product innovation.

The new Company Profile shows Audes’ new developments and new directions.

Indeed, the company has strengthened its presence in Italy inaugurating in 2016 the new headquarters in via Noventana, 800sqm of offices and showroom, functional spaces characterized by a modern design. This working environment puts employees in the best conditions and welcomes even the increasing number of customers that visit Padua’s facilities.

Audes has also reorganized and expanded its range of operations, with the fixed establishment of two foreign subsidiaries: Audes Suisse in Lugano, but with offices in Milan too, in the prestigious setting of Copernicus (the former L’Oreal building now houses offices and meeting rooms and is also the location of many events), and Audes Germany in Dsseldorf, in Konigsala, which is the core of business in the German city. With these new headquarters the company makes its international presence more and more stable and is ready to expand further.

Audes focuses even more on new integrated e-commerce, logistics and distribution services: for each customer who requests it, a dedicated web platform is created and managed by the IT department.

The company also provides to the customer the Logistics and distribution service, storing the material at its logistics center, which handles picking, packaging and shipping.

The new Collection 2017 shows the core products and some product innovation.

Audes continues its rise in the panorama of high quality customized products thankfully to some top selling products: polo, sweatshirts, T-shirts and windproof jackets, which over the years have proved to guarantee a high quality since they have made become loyal many prestigious realities. Nevertheless Audes has never stopped and continues to improve its range of articles, maintaining the style, but increasing the technical value. It continues to develop new products and offers them to its customers by finding the most suitable solution for each one. The experience collected over the years and the continuous research allow the team to keep up with the times both in terms of style and in terms of technical product evolution.

The Collection shows many of the possible options, but not all of them, because the whole company staff works in a compact way in order to create each time new proposals tailored to the specific needs and requirements of individual customers, following step by step each project side by side with the customer, whether it’s a single product or whole coordinated collections.

Each project is also the result of the research carried out by the members of the style and product office, who regularly attend the industry fairs, to keep up with the latest trends and technology so that it can be materialized in the proposals dedicated to individual customers.

The range includes not only sportswear clothing, with its numerous models of sweatshirts, polo shirts and T-shirts, but also a more technical clothing, from fitness socks, to quilted jackets and 3 in 1 jackets, and includes also some of the main accessories on which Audes has been counting for years, even if it renews and develops new models and variations: bags, trolleys, backpacks, caps, beach and gym towels, footwear and technological gadgets.

Thanks to the multi-year collaboration with copious productive partners located in many sites, the company continues to provide new technological proposals as well: from solar cell backpacks to arm smartphone holders.

An even richer Collection with its 90 pages, but that does not run out of Audes’ proposals for its customers.
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