Audes with HERO at the HERO Südtirol Dolomites

On Saturday June 17th, Audes was with HERO at the 8th edition of the HERO Südtirol Dolomites, which is part of the UCI Marathons Series, the long distances World Cup. This amazing race is part of the HERO Bike festival, which took place from June 15th to June 18th.

The race took place on the Dolomites and included two itineraries: one for men and the other for women. Audes has created a clothing line for participants and staff, including polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers and towels. The collection is available at Val Gardena’s shops and on the HERO webstore, so that everyone can have the opportunity to live fully the event.

The fantastic location of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, hosted this famous competition, attended by more than 4,000 competitors from 45 different countries.
In addition to the traditional race, it was also organized another race for little bikers, the HERO Kids, giving everyone the opportunity to have fun and participate in this unique event.

There were two scheduled routes: one of 86 km and 4500 meters of difference and a shorter one of 60 km and 3,300 meters of difference, on which the Women Race was held. Both the routes have been characterized by spectacular scenarios, that are the dolomitic passages of Gardena, Campolongo, Pordoi, Duron and Sella.
Juri Ragnoli, the winner of the 86km race, has been the first to cut the finish line at Selva Val Gardena, winning the prestigious title of HERO. The winner of the 60 km woman race, Elena Gaddoni, is Italian too.
The race has been broadcasted all over the world: two hours of marathon have been transmitted live in 67 nations across Europe, Asia, Pacific and the USA, with a record also at the media level.

Audes has realized the new HERO17 collection, available at Val Gardena’s stores and on HERO’s online store.
Making this collection, Audes has applied its knowledge about the latest technologies and trends, combining them with the requests and the distinctive elements of the HERO Association and with its customers needs.

Audes supports HERO providing clothing for participants and staff both for adults and children. Items like polos, T-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers and towels compose the new 2017 collection.
All the items, except T-shirts, follow the same guideline: they have a black background with red details and the distinctive white HERO logo, in accord to the three HERO characteristic colours. Some articles are basic (with black background) while others are more particular (with black background and grey patterns).
The staff items are characterized by the contrasting mountain profile: the polo and T-shirt for men have golden details while those for women have fuchsia details.
Many people have wore these items to be part of the event, that is an important and now recurring occasion for Selva di Val Gardena.

The event has been a great success for everybody: for HERO, which has further increased the participation in the competition, for Audes, which has confirmed the products high quality, innovation and creativity that characterize it, and who has been proud to collaborate with an important sports association such as HERO, and for participants, who had fun in this fascinating and exciting event.

We are waiting for you next year for the new edition and, in the meantime, remember to go to Dolomiti Adventures’ shop in Selva Val Gardena or to take a look at the HERO official webstore!