The denim is a fabric composed of cotton and linen

It was used in Genoa since the sixteenth century, to dress the sailors. Today’s popularity stems from the intuition of Levi Strauss that, since the second half of the nineteenth century, began to use it to create resistant clothes for the gold diggers.

The widespread occurred since the seventies, with the creation of blue jeans pants, which has become a must of modern.
The first appearances of denim shirt, unisex garment par excellence, dating back to the fifties in western movies, worn by actors like Marlon Brando, Mickey Rourke, James Dean, symbols of youthful rebellion and freedom. In the seventies shirt jeans also lands in the female wardrobe, worn by actresses Jacqueline Bisset and Jane Birkin

The denim shirt is a versatile garment, very appreciated as modern, easy to washing, ironing and that adapts to all occasions!

The denim shirt can be a sophisticated and alternative to dress the staff during events.
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