An infinity of possibilities to customize your garment.

The starting point for each of our creation is always the same: meters and meters of quality!
The garments we produce are only made with combed cotton, characterized by long fibers and by the fact that, during the spinning process, is “combed”.
Combing cotton is a way to make the clothing fabric feel more exclusive, stronger, and softer through a highly developed production process.

Once the base is ready, the unlimited combinations of personalization and the countless details that can be customized come into play, to give each collection its own personality.

Just think about the different kind of prints and embroideries, made with high care and professionalism, the possibility to dye fabrics and to match different colours, the ability to customize every inch of a t-shirt , a polo-shirt or a sweatshirt: buttons, zip-pulls, laces of a sweatshirt, closure of laces, neck tape, neck label, hang-tag, packaging and much more.

Every single detail is studied with our client to make each collection your special collection!