Since 2005, we have fallen in love with the simple idea that clothing is a medium through which we can express who we are, what we believe in, what makes us proud.

We bet on what at the time was little more than an intuition: in an increasingly competitive market, companies, and not only them, were evolving into brands. It was no longer a question of selling products or providing services. The challenge was to create a sense of belonging to the values and lifestyle of the brand, which went beyond its core business.

We’ve found our mission: to allow people to experience a brand across the board and at the same time allow brands to tell about themselves in different forms, to amplify their message.

We chose clothing.

We put at the center of our dream the desire of people to feel part of brands, to choose them every day for what they embody beyond their products. Creating garments that allow people to have a part of the brand with them, to wear proudly.

We are convinced that we feel a different emotion when we wear something that represents us. We started from a small office, with many ideas, a lot of passion and very little experience. We have worked every day to improve, learning from our mistakes, to seek excellence and raise the bar from time to time. We have remained dreamers, but we have given substance to our dreams to turn them into reality. For fifteen years we have been working at the service of brands and people, creating collections of clothing and accessories through which they come together.

Today we are proud of what we are: a brand that has made the emotion of that meeting its mission. A brand that is realizing its dream.