Our team is our strength! We believe in what we do and we stake our reputation on it!

Alessandro Bozzoli

Audes Group CEO and Founder

Francesca Buffa

Marketing And Sales Manager Director

Gianluca Corbetta

Audes Suisse CEO

Francesco Silvestrin

Chief Finance Office

Alberto Ruffato


Alessia Ruffa

Style Office Manager

Gloria Turatello

Product Office Manager

Jasmine Milani

Fashion Designer

Valerio Messina

Fashion Designer

Tommaso Reggianini

Fashion Designer

Esther Nicetto

Fashion Designer

Enrico Filesi

Accessories Sales Manager

Martina Zangrossi

Fashion Designer

Marta Verza

Product Specialist

Alessandro Ramin

Licensing Director

Monica Perin

Photograper & Graphic Designer

Aslihan Aksoy

Back Office Licensing Department

Valentina Venturini

Brand Licensing Manager

Andrea Lunardi

Workwear Sales Manager

Federica Berto

Germany and Workwear Project Manager

Salvatore Pepe

Account Manager

Riccardo Venturini

E-commerce Manager

Thomas Trevisan

Web Operation

Luca Orietti

Web Developer

Camilla Mazzon

Art Director

Valentina Gallio

Web & Graphic Designer

Paola Parisen Toldin

Senior Sales Manager

Marco Ragazzi

Country Manager UK

Consuelo Bianchetto

Fast Production Sales

Nicola Baraldo

Sales Manager Germany

Antonio Alonso

Country Manager Spain

Luca Bergamasco

Project Manager

Patrick Barzi

Sales Manager Germany

Alessia Sed


Tommaso Boischio

Fast Production Specialist

Mauro Moranzoni

Sales Manager Suisse

Andrea Bigotto

Chief Operating Officer

Igor Chenoin

Support Uk & Germany

Marco Bedin

Operation Manager