The new San Siro Store was opened below the first blue ring of the stadium.

The products of the new brand Milan San Siro produced in partnership with Audes and AC Milan and Inter (with a strong presence of Adidas and Nike brand products, technical sponsors of the clubs) will be sold in the thousand square meters space.

Barbara Berlusconi and Michael Bolingbroke, Ad and CEO of AC Milan and FC Inter, were present yesterday at the opening. The new store will be opened to the general public in a few days and it will allow the stadium to become an area that is able to compete with those of the major international stadiums.

One of those will be the two picth views that allow you to look at the playing field.
The store was designed to be open in different occasions: for the matches of AC Milan and Inter Milan but also during the everyday working hours of the stadium. This way one of the most well-known stadiums in the world will be able to receive different audience: fans, tourists and also the citizens of Milan.