2014 has begun with a new sponsorship agreement between Audes and the Motorsport world.

Audes has just signed a sponsorship agreement with Porsche Italia, for all this year.
Audes will dress the instructors and the staff of the Porsche Driving Experience with sweatshirts, polo shirts, cargo pants, softshell jackets and down jackets.

The Porsche Driving Experience allows everyone, who is addicted to Porsche, to live an exclusive experience behind the wheel of a Porsche thanks to the Porsche Travel Club and to the Porsche Sport Driving School.

The Travel Club offers different tours around Italy and around different Countries and the possibility to enjoy the exhilaration of driving a Porsche: style, charm, amusement and quality are guaranteed!

The Porsche Sport Driving School offers a program of 5 levels (Warm-up, Precisione, Performance, Master and High Performance) organized to improve and make perfect the performances of drivers behind the wheel of a Porsche, in very different situations. Lessons and theoretical exercises, followed by road tests with professional instructors, help all the “student” to learn specific driving techniques.

The decision of Porsche Italia, icon of style and quality, to choose Audes products to dress its instructors and the staff of the Driving Experience is a prove of the well-kwon quality of our creations.