Leather Jackets ready to brand!

The history of the leather jacket began in the 50’s with the ‘perfecto’, worn by young rebels on their motorbikes. In the 80’s, the leather jacket gained popularity because it was the favourite item of pop singers: it has been a sign of independence of the youth of the 1950s, 1960s and 1980s.

As mentioned, the most popular model is the ‘perfecto’: with an oblique central zip, several zippered pockets and wide lapels; the perfect jacket for those free spirits who love outdoor and on the road life!

Audes offers a model of leather jackets ideal for everyday life, with front zip fastening, neck latch with snap buttons and regular fit for man and woman. Total black is the colour!

The leather jacket is an universal cloth, suitable for any occasion, always in style year after year: it is not only a biker wear, but an expression of a personal attitude, a cloth that will accompany one’s whole life, when the leather is well-maintained. Leather jackets give any outfit a casual touch!

As for all of them suggest that, even for leather jackets, we are able to give them that extra touch thanks to our ability to customize the clothing using advanced printing and / or embroidery techniques.