Audes expands its services and brings its clients’ collections on-line.

Thanks to a great attention to its clients’ needs and to the market evolution towards a large digitization of processes, Audes has extended its services to the on-line world.

Audes D-Lab, the Audes digital division is born. Audes D-Lab designs and realizes web projects for all those clients who want to manage their custom garments with web platforms or for all those clients who want to discover new business opportunities, selling their clothing collection on-line.

Audes D-Lab designs and realizes web platform, costumed on clients’ needs, with three levels of services:

1. Logistic management of products and order management: We manage all the administrative and logistic activities related to order placement;
2. Creation of on-line stores: We design and realize your web-store thanks to the most innovative technologies;
3. Possibility to integrate the web platform with a product configurator tool.

In Audes each client is supported step by step: from the conception of a custom collection to its management using web platforms.