A lot of jackets models to fight bad weather.

Apart from the classic blazer, there is a wide variety of fits, colours, cuts and lengths of jackets for men and women. Of course, there is something for every occasion, depending on seasons, weather and on our needs. During autumn and spring, but in particular during winter, it is possible to choose from a wide range of models of jackets, made with very different types of fabrics.

Audes, always in line with the latest sportswear trends, offers various models of jackets to dress all those clients who are searching for an out-door jacket or a keeping warm one for the winter; all the jackets Audes makes, guarantees comfort, maximum movement and protection against bad weather.

It is possible to choose from soft-shell jackets, down jackets and winter jackets for cold season and from windproof jackets, k-way and canvas jackets for milder weather.