When elegance meets sportswear.

Polo was created by tennis legend Renè Lacoste, who dressed it for the first time in 1927 during a Davis Cup match. During that match Lacoste amazed spectators dressing a revolutionary uniform: a pair of flannel pants and a lightweight short sleeves polo shirt, made from a lighter material, called “jersey petite piquè”, as an alternative to the classic long sleeves shirt.
In 1933, after retiring from professional tennis, Lacoste teamed up with André Gillier, to market that shirt in Europe and North America.

The name Polo originated from polo sport: traditionally polo players wore thick long-sleeve shirts, produced for the first time by Brooks brothers in 1896.

In 1972, when Ralph Lauren included his “polo shirt” as an important part of his new clothing line, called Polo, this name was definitively linked to this item.

During the years the Polo has become a “democratic” item, loved and dressed by a lot of people and not only by the élite.
The Polo shirt is a comfortable, elegant, versatile, but always sporty, alternative to the T-shirt.

Also a classic item like a Polo can be transform in something unique: like the design realized for Vespa 946 Collection with reflective piping on neck and sleeve and customized metal buttons. Or like the Polo produced for the Fiat Abarth 595 Collection with 7 buttons and velvet neck tiping.

These are only few examples of polo shirts created by Audes for its clients, thinking out different solutions to make every single Polo unique.