In 2009, thanks to the fundraising campaign of several students, the Politecnico di Milano university opened a store that features gadgets, accessories and clothing garments with the original brand “Politecnico di Milano” and with the acronym Polimi. Today, you can find a bit of everything in the store, from stationery to cups and children’s clothing.

Products sold (also available at are a part of a merchandise collection that represents the whole university. The garments are done by Audes, company that designed and produced the collections for other prestigious Italian universities, such as Ca’ Foscari, Sapienza and Bocconi. That way, original brands are able to export their brand beyond the area of expertise.

For some people, like students, professors, staff, graduates, citizens, this type of merchandise, which they are able to buy in-store or online, represents a cultural choice that celebrates their sense of belonging to the academic community. This type of industry merchandising, already common on campuses of the Anglo-Saxon world, but less developed on Italian ones, is a new way of offering these products to the common public, not just the academic one.

Furthermore, this represents a chance to show the real side of entrepreneurship to enrolled students, and therefore the university merchandise is getting more and more common in Italian universities and is becoming an interesting source of income in a sector such as education, in which every penny is an investment in the future. Other higher education institutions and schools are moving towards that trend as well, and therefore they entrusted the production of their clothing and the management of their online stores to Audes.

Contact Audes if you want to create a clothing collection and online store for your university.