The Audes wide products range now includes shoes

Shoes are the new entries in the wide range of products that Audes produces and personalises for its clients.

After the production, in 2013, of the “Sneakers Est. 1878”, branded Kawasaki, that celebrate the establishment of this important Japanese company, it’s time for the brand Audes to be used to personalized a new pair of shoes.

This is the result: a pair of italian made sneakers, for man and woman, with “Audes Brand You Est. 05” logo embroidered on one side and printed on the insole.
This model has been created for the instructors and the staff of the Porsche Driving Experience Italy; they were also provided with sweatshirts, polos, cargo pants, soft-shell jacket and down jacket.
At the begin of 2014, Audes signed a sponsorship agreement with Porsche Italia for the Porsche Driving Experience, that allows everyone, who is addicted to Porsche, to live an exclusive experience behind the wheel of a Porsche.

Audes dress you from head to toe!