We clothe your brand


We design and produce bespoke, personalised clothing lines for all users


Every garment we make passes through a number of phases:

Stylistic research


Design and Personalisation


Prototyping and Production


Quality control


Small Production

Personal touches are applied to finished garments, using the latest embroidery, printing and application techniques to enhance the quality of the original product.
Minimum order
Production times

Big Production

Garments are produced from scratch, permitting all-round customisation.
We can personalise everything from fabric to colour, label, zip, packaging and more.
Minimum order
Production times

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of personalisation do you offer?

We offer a range of solutions that can be adapted to meet your needs. We can personalise garment fabrics and materials, use different printing, embroidery and application techniques and even select original details like buttons and zips.

Can we order separate menswear, ladies and children's collections?

All collections can be configured to meet your needs. This includes the possibility of distinguishing between garments for men, women and children.

Can we spread the total number of garments over different sizes?

It is always possible to divide garments into different sizes, and even order special sizes, from XXXXL to XXS.

What must we give you to start a personal collection?

You only need to provide your company logos and colour specifications. Our in-house Style Office can then design your collection and choose the best personalisations, garment by garment. We’ll take care of everything else!