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Six services. A unique experience.

We listen to your needs. We make your values ours. We think up your collection and draw it. We create the best means to enhance its visibility. We take care of warehousing and logistics. We use the most suitable distribution channels to sell it. Six services. A unique path. To achieve success.

We take care of planning and design, of online and offline communication. To the distribution of your goods through e-commerce platforms, logistics and dedicated shops.

Strategy and Brand Analysis

We work synergistically to identify and define the best promotion strategy of your brand through merchandise. We develop creative solutions, together. And we guarantee that your products are at the right place, at the right moment.

Research, Design & Collection Development

We create customised clothing and accessories that embody your values and your identity. Starting from a market analysis, we do it using the guidelines and vision of your brand. And the results are always unparalleled. Because they speak about you.

Sourcing and Production

We use the right factory for each of your items. We guarantee high quality. We assure you competitive prices. All thanks to our Team of professional product managers and to the widespread network of global productive partners.

Logistics and Distribution

We offer global solutions, enhanced by years of experience in managing the complex logistic needs of our customers. From warehousing to shipping, we always work hard for your products to arrive on time.


We develop and design online shops with the most updated technologies. To promote your products. To provide the final user a unique experience. And to guarantee high conversion rates. Do your customers need help? We have fast and high-quality assistance service. It knows every product perfectly. And it answers your requests in multiple languages. A lot of languages.


We valorise and spread your brand with specially-made activities, based on the specific item, the target audience and the communication channel. In other words, we catch your essence, find your “whys” and make them clear according to your goals.


Design and distribution at 360 degrees of top-level branded uniforms and branded merchandise

Thus you can have a unique Partner for the management of business uniforms and customised merchandise. An official Collection, easily reachable in all your branches, your offices and your partnerships. Only one access point – an official website – for every branded item, well displayed and easily visible. A rational and monitored management of the inventory. An increase in the perception and visibility of your brand.

Online distribution.

Online distribution of clothing and accessories is an increasingly essential activity, for both physical shops and rising brands. Through e-commerce it is possible to reach a global audience, offering a vast array of products and customisations. This is why we help our customers with online distribution offering a full package of services.


E-commerce platform. Closed-circuit, dedicated to the B2B world

Online stores. Dedicated to B2C

Double-circuit e-commerce. Addressed both to B2E and B2C distribution.

Offline distribution.

Official stores are the most traditional option to distribute your products, they are permanent stores where customers can buy clothing and accessories at any time. Temporary stores, instead, are a flexible option to promote seasonal collections or the launch of new products. Lastly, fairs and fashion events are a great opportunity to present one’s products to an interested and passionate audience.


Official stores.

Temporary stores.

Fairs and events.