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For you, we always have something new. About us.

The clothes we have created for HERO, the world’s toughest and most fascinating mountain bike marathon. Every item we have produced for Lamborghini Club Worldwide, as official licencee. The work uniforms we have created for the Workwear branch of the BMW Group. Our role of exclusive official distributor of the customised editions of Moleskine. Our projects with Q8, Vodafone, Maserati, Ducati, Abarth and many more brands. For you, we always have something new. About us.


Communicate your values through sustainable collections

Sustainability: the keyword which guided the design of the last collection created by AUDES for Vodafone.

It is indeed an entirely green project, from the materials, to the biodegradable packaging to store and transport it, all following the meticulous logics of the reduction of waste and polluting agents and of a productive circularity which looks into the future.

Because today for brands being sustainable is not an option, it is an imperative. But talking about sustainability is not sufficient, it must be practised, in the whole production chain and with all partners.


Supersport and adventure for a unique collection keeping up with trends

Kawasaki reconfirms AUDES as partner in developing its new line of merchandise. A contemporary collection with a strong brand awareness, designed with the aim of sparking great emotions while meeting the taste of fans. Funny and captivating proposals also for young ones and for the entire family to use during leisure time.


2800 Gas station employees in Italy are wearing AUDES

Q8 has chosen AUDES Group as partner to create the workwear collection for the 2800 gas stations of the Italian national territory. For Q8, AUDES Group has worked synergistically and across-the-board, designing and creating a workwear collection distributed through an online sale channel, counting on e-commerce to be closer to the needs of the market.

The goal we had set ourselves was to bring innovation to Q8 on different sides: both from the point of view of workwear collection and of distribution.


food service aboard Trenitalia


Squadra Corse

Motorsport world is one of the main markets where AUDES has worked in the last years. We have developed collaborations with the main brands of car companies. Every collection is created after a specific research on the latest materials and styles. In the racing world, the fabrics and details of the collections are technical, such as micro polyester materials, hard PVC pullers and high-visibility pipings, as well as the merchandise items which recall the style and emotion of racetracks.

Lamborghini Club

Wear Passion

AUDES Group, as official licencee of Lamborghini Club Worldwide, is enriched through this prestigious brand in the AUDES Merchandising Club program, which offers one-of-a-kind collections made unique through several types of customisation.

A complete selection of goods to customise with your own official Club, to wear in formal events and also in leisure time. Among our proposals, the most iconic mens- and womenswear items: polo shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, raincoats and windstops.

BMW Workwear

A new branding experience

The Workwear branch of BMW Group, together with AUDES Group, will renew the uniforms proposal for BMW Service, BMW Motorrad, MINI Service and BMW Genius, with a global licence agreement for the next three years.

The new proposal displays a consistent brand experience among the different areas, to convey cohesiveness and a common identity.

The priority of the collection is the comfort of the person who wears it, guaranteed by the choice of high-performance fabrics, ergonomic wearability and a trendy design.

HERO Dolomites

2020 Collection

At AUDES, we are proud to clothe heroes, developing some of the items which celebrate HERO brand, to make you feel like a real hero all year long and make you relive the unforgettable and unique moments only BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites can give. A line of HERO-branded clothing and accessories – which include technical items but also casual clothing, as well as caps, backpacks and water bottles, for young and old – designed for the different needs of every Hero.


Ready, Stady, Go!

It is in this spirit that we wanted to offer all Brand admirers also a clothing collection divided in menswear, womenswear and childrenswear, which winks at the most recent trends and at street fashion, with lines that guarantee comfort and the ideal practicality to enjoy everyday life and leisure time.


Icon to drink, brand to wear

Since 1857 Forst has produced high-quality beer complying with nature. To tell the memorable heritage and the vocation to simplicity of its product, Forst has been choosing AUDES for years for its clothing and accessory collection. A brand that grows every year, staying consistent with its values.

Automobili Lamborghini

Great emotions and a lot of adrenaline

A company that has done and is doing history in the world of engines and racing. Automobili Lamborghini embodies the Italian spirit and the constant search for perfection. A solid partnership was born to create a collection of clothing and accessories that could communicate excellence and quality in each of its shapes, for young and old.


To transport your brand everywhere

An accessory collection designed to make an excellent Italian brand innovative and trendy. We have created accessories such as power banks, business and baby backpacks, umbrellas, belts, foldable bags and much, much more.

Università Cattolica

Merchandising Collection 2019

The mission of Cattolica is to train people with strong values, before high-level professionals. Together, we have developed a simple collection but capable of expressing the values and the consistency of this great Athenaeum.

Maserati Classiche

The collection that combines style and tradition

Which are the main features of this line?

Stylistic research, well-finished design down to the smallest details, customisations that display the distinctive traits and the traditional colours of Maserati Classiche, easily adaptable on every occasion.


Spread your brand wherever you want

A solid partnership between AUDES Group and Honda which lasts for many years and expresses its different facets according to the line it is referring to. From the dedicated merchandise to the young ones, from the heritage collections for brand enthusiasts to items with strong lines evocating the world of motorsport.

Alfa Romeo

The legend continues

AUDES Group has obtained a three-year brand licence, a partnership that started with the celebrative collection of the 110 years of one of the most prestigious car companies, which made Henry Ford say: “When I see an Alfa Romeo go by, I tip my hat”.


CUPRA Essential Collection

The CUPRA Essential Collection perfectly embodies the essence of CUPRA: boldness, contemporary style, and a strong commitment to sustainability. Thanks to a synergistic collaboration with AUDES, a unique clothing line has materialized, including offerings for men, women, and unisex models, each characterized by CUPRA’s distinctive spirit.

CUPRA, a brand that values every detail, has closely collaborated with the AUDES Design team to create garments that express a deep passion for innovation, design, and performance. This collection stands out for its use of colors and materials inspired by CUPRA automobiles, emphasizing the use of organic and recycled materials.

Mv Agusta

Engines and passion in a collection dedicated to the brand

The European Motorbike company which won the highest number of awards in the world has chosen us as official licencee to design and produce the product lines for the casual collection and the reproductions, inspired by past and present history of the team MV Agusta Reparto Corse. A collection that celebrates sports soul, aesthetic research and historic heritage of the glorious Reparto Corse, ranging from technical items to biker-inspired leather jackets, including technological accessories.


Workwear Collection

Gulf is one the biggest independent lubricant companies and one of the most famous oil brands in the world.

At AUDES, we are proud of having created:

A merchandise collection addressed to B2B market;

A workwear clothing line;

A closed-circuit B2B platform through which the authorised dealers can buy promoting materials;

A shooting service.

Pagani Automobili

Workwear Collection

As official licencee of clothing and accessories of the prestigious brand Pagani Automobili, we are responsible for developing and managing the collection, available also on, the online sale platform of the licenced automotive and motorsport brands managed by AUDES. A work item is not simple, but a work tool you are wearing everyday to do your activities at best. Every item can be customised, starting from the weights and the finishings of the fabric, to the reinforcements in the points of greatest wear and the elastic details of the junctions.

Università Ca' Foscari

University life in name of comfort and style

At AUDES, we are proud to clothe Ca’ Foscari students, developing items which celebrate university life, to make the student feel at the centre and relive the unique and unforgettable moments only University campus can give.

T-shirts, sweaters, trousers, baseball caps, bobble hats and backpacks, always respecting the historic identity of the Athenaeum.


Official Collection

The House of the Scorpion entrusted us with the creation of its new clothing and accessory collection. And we have combined the main features of the DNA of the brand to the most recent fashion trends. Brand, product details and innovative techniques. To transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Every day. This is the narrative thread which guided our project, dedicated to owners and fans of the Scorpion.



Innovation and tradition

A collection that combines design research with the practicality of garments, to offer comfort and aesthetic pleasure at the same time. Exquisite materials and coloured details which display and communicate the essence of the brand that stand out and communicate the historical essence of the brand, accompanying us towards the future.

San Benedetto

2016 Vintage Collection

Historical companies sometimes celebrate special anniversaries of their origins, giving their collections an antique taste. A study on the past, up to the origins of the company, with a research on the most suitable customisation techniques, give every collection a unique vintage look. Classic colours, seams or raw-cut patches, consumed button arrangement and special washes: everything contributes to giving an historical taste. For San Benedetto 2016 we chose a vintage mood, beige combined with the distinctive blue of the company, adding an enzymatic wash. The whole item has raw-cut seams and finishings for a consumed look.

Bugatti Automobile

Vive la Marque!

The close synergy connects our two excellences in the shared desire to communicate identity and heritage of the Bugatti brand through a capsule collection of clothing and accessories for men and women. The collection “Bugatti 110 Ans” includes accessories and menswear and womenswear items.

Università Bocconi

An excellent across-the-board service

In the developed merchandise project for Università Bocconi, within a year, working synergistically and across-the-board, we have created the first collection and have planned the sale channels in omnichannel relying on e-commerce, to be close to the alumni of the milanese Athenaeum, who live and work all around the world, and on the Bocconi shop. The shop, in the middle of the campus, in the heart of the building dedicated to the teaching activities, is visited daily by students and professors, first ambassadors of the values of the Bocconi brand which are embodied in the collection.


La collezione che unisce stile e tradizione

Bugatti Jewels

AUDES Group, official licencee of the Bugatti Brand, presents Bugatti Jewels

The first silver jewels collection created in partnership with Zancan, a leading company in the jewellery industry.

A collection inspired by the masterpieces of the House of Molsheim, which recalls its texture and distinctive traits, translating them into elegant jewels with a unique style. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, cufflinks and keychains can be discovered in exclusive preview at the prestigious Fiera dell’Oro of Vicenza from the 10th of September.

This collection, designed for men but perfect for a sporty and elegant woman, enhances the prestige of the Bugatti brand and is perfectly combined with Italian jewellery handcraft and care for details.


A lot of ideas. A lot of passion. A lot of experience.
A lot of Customers.

HERO. Lamborghini Club Worldwide. BMW Group. Moleskine. And many more. We have started from their DNA and have reinterpreted it through what we do best: fashion and work clothing collections. Accessories. E-commerce platforms. And dedicated communication. Discover what has perfected the experience of our customers.