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We build the future together: AUDES Group works in close contact with selected partners to create long-lasting, solid strategic collaborations. With an eye on market trends and with the goal of satisfying all the demands of our customers, we are committed to build the future together.

With them we share the same values and goals, working synergistically to bring our customers an excellent service.


Moleskine reconfirms AUDES as exclusive distributor in Italy.

The news is official: AUDES Group and Moleskine have reconfirmed their partnership! AUDES has become the exclusive distributor for the customised editions of Moleskine within the Italian market, reinforcing its position as a brand leader in the industry of customisation.

With a ten-year experience and a unique talent to supply quick high-level customisations, AUDES is the ideal partner to create unique and unmatchable collections for your brand.

Choose among a vast array of Moleskine products for your professional and private life and customise them with your design, always displaying the brand awareness and worth of Moleskine.

With an extended array of sizes and prices to choose from, you can find the perfect product for your business and your projects. Customise it with the exclusive AUDES distributor to create a unique collection that enhances your brand identity.

Choose among notebooks, jotters, planners and much more. Moleskine and AUDES offer you the possibility to express your creativity and to stay close to your brand, for a successful and professional outcome.


Altra Running: comfort, stability and performance

Altra Running, leading brand in the creation of high-quality sports shoes, has chosen AUDES Group as official distributor within the Italian market. With this partnership, Italian sports people will access a vast array of Altra-branded road and trail shoes, designed to offer comfort, stability and extraordinary performances. AUDES Group, with its experience and expertise in the sports clothing industry, will guarantee the availability of these shoes in all Italian retailers so that sports people can easily buy them.

Road and Trail collections

Altra Running has been created with the concept of a different shoe, far from the traditional raised-heel, extremely tapered model.

The Altra Running shoes are designed to allow the best, most natural movement, avoiding injuries, and giving an unparalleled comfort.

Main features


The Altra shoes have the same shape of your feet. They are designed to allow your toes to stretch naturally and to let the big toe stay in a straight position. This enhances stability, strength and especially comfort. This is the secret behind kilometres traversed in the maximum comfort, without blisters and with a stronger foot, strengthening every muscle involved during the running.


Balance Cushioning

Every Altra shoe has a Balanced Cushioning platform which positions the heel and the forefoot at the same level of the ground. This natural support eases a better training, a correct posture and a low-impact foothold. If you prefer a high, low or medium cushioning, Balanced Cushioning allows your feet to move naturally at every step, inciting and strengthening them.


Tecnologia FIT4HER

It follows the specific shape of feminine foot, which has narrower heel and medial area, a higher instep, a longer arch and a unique metatarsus space. A real woman-specific shape for a better performance.


Trendy Design and Unique Technology

Avant-garde Road and Trail collections designed to turn on your wish for freedom and escape from expectations and limits.

With their advanced technology and unique design, the Altra Running shoes will help you enhance your sports performances and enjoy the most of your open-air running.