Your collection is just a click away!


We put your collection on line. We develop and manage dedicated e-commerce platforms for your business and personalise them to meet your needs.
We combine unrivalled technical expertise with efficient, personal support to develop effective and technologically advanced solutions.


Ideal for companies who wish to improve their image by developing a new distribution channel that can be accessed with just one click. B2B platforms greatly facilitate the management of orders from and deliveries to retailers, franchises and affiliated companies. A reserved area allows the monitoring of different points of sale and the re-order of garments directly from your office.


Wear the colours of your favourite brand and order anything from a single accessory to a complete look, with the excellent quality of AUDES guaranteed.

Advanced technology, safe payments, delivery tracking and after-sales assistance are just some of the factors that set us apart. Find out more by exploring our web stores.



We use “Magento 2”, one of the best technologies currently available, to develop our e-commerce platforms. Magento 2 gives us the flexibility we need to optimise platforms for on-line sales while ensuring the security of our clients’ data.


We use bootstrap technology to make navigation a simple and enjoyable experience and allow purchases to be made from computer, tablet or mobile.


We guarantee a quick and secure checkout and safeguard customers’ purchases using various national and international payment methods. We use Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and more besides.


Thanks to our high performance server and constant supervision by our technical team, we can guarantee rapid navigation and 24h availability.

An all-round service

  • One single provider: from design to distribution
  • Web store design and management
  • Personalised content and visuals
  • Web marketing and social media marketing
  • Logistics and operations
  • Customer Service