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“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Aristotele

As a company, we believe that to achieve higher goals it is essential to meet the demand of our customers.

In the last year, AUDES worked for the Bocconi University to create the first merchandising collection, to design an E-commerce channel with an omnichannel approach and to create a physical store inside the campus. The channel aims to connect the alumni of the Bocconi University, who are now working across the globe, to our Bocconi Shop.

Bocconi Shop

The Bocconi Store can be found at the center of the campus, where professors and students are regularly visiting. They are the first bearer of the Bocconi values that are still being passed on to our collections.

This project tells that by working in unity, the AUDES Departments can achieve a perfect combination of design, production, logistic, web development, and retail stores.

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