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In an increasingly digitalized world, the way companies interact with customers is continually evolving. At Audes Group, we dedicate ourselves daily to innovation and improvement of our services, adopting the most advanced technologies. Our latest innovation aims to revolutionize the shopping experience on our B2B and B2C e-commerce sites. Thanks to the use of advanced chatbots and artificial intelligence, we aim to provide impeccable and consistently efficient customer service, enhancing the sales value of various brands’ collections.

Enhanced Customer Experience with AI


Chatbots are designed to provide an immediate response to consumer needs, drastically reducing wait times and thus improving customer satisfaction. This technology not only enhances the brand’s image but also creates an unprecedented shopping experience available 24 hours a day.

In more complex situations, chatbots can detect the need for human intervention and automatically send a notification to the operator.

This allows the virtual assistant to transfer the management of the conversation directly to the human operator, who can intervene promptly to provide the necessary mediation where the situation requires it.

Benefits of AI for Online Shops


Not only for the retail sector but also for B2B realities, chatbots represent a revolution. Through intelligent conversational interfaces, these virtual assistants automate interactions, reduce support costs, and prevent service interruptions, significantly increasing revenues.

A staggering 72% of consumers prefer to solve their issues on their own before contacting customer service, according to a study published by Trusted Shop. This demonstrates a clear shift towards faster, self-manageable solutions, like those offered by chatbots. 

Degli utenti preferisce chattare piuttosto che chiamare

Degli utenti predilige la chat alle e-mail

Di aumento delle vendite grazie agli assistenti virtuali

Furthermore, another study by OneReach indicates that 64% of users prefer using chat over other methods of communication such as phone or email. The adoption of chatbots has allowed for a 67% increase in sales, demonstrating the effectiveness of this technology in transforming customer-company interaction and significantly improving business outcomes.

Visit Trusted Shop and OneReach for more details on studies and how chatbots and artificial intelligence can revolutionize your e-commerce too.

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