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AUDES Group customised uniforms: a union of design and high-performance products at the service of the work of your team, to make you live at best every daily challenge, safe and comfortable.




We start from you, from your DNA, from your identity, from your values, from your desires and from your ambitions to create true customised sportswear, lifestyle and fashion clothing and accessory collections.



In AUDES Group every brand can be fashionable.

In AUDES Group, bringing fashion into the world of companies and services is much more than an ambition. It is our Vision. Through research and constant innovation, we transform every project into an extraordinary collection. We are not just suppliers. We are partners of the global management of uniforms and merchandise. Let yourself be seduced by our case studies, discover our world. Let’s start this amazing journey, together.


A honourable service across-the-board


In the developed merchandise project for Università Bocconi, within a year, working synergistically and across-the-board, we have created the first collection and have planned the sale channels in omnichannel relying on e-commerce, to be close to the alumni of the milanese Athenaeum, who live and work all around the world, and on the Bocconi shop. The shop, in the middle of the campus, in the heart of the building dedicated to the teaching activities, is visited daily by students and professors, first ambassadors of the values of the Bocconi brand which are embodied in the collection. 

Increase your visibility in a safe way


A project in the name of high-visibility and certifications that reconfirms AUDES as the ideal and most competitive partner in the workwear world. A contemporary design which follows the laws in force regulating safe-at-work employees’ clothing.

Ready, Stady, Go!


“Skating can make you feel athletic, full of grace, light”.

It is in this spirit that we wanted to offer all Brand admirers also a clothing collection divided in menswear, womenswear and childrenswear, which winks at the most recent trends and at street fashion, with lines that guarantee comfort and the ideal practicality to enjoy everyday life and leisure time.

Innovation and performance in the work field


From the design to the shootings, to the catalogues and the e-commerce portal: an international customer and a service at 360 degrees which reconfirms AUDES as BMW-chosen partner to create workwear and corporate clothing lines for the different branches of the Group.

Spread your brand anywhere you want


A solid partnership between AUDES Group and Honda which lasts for many years and expresses its different facets according to the line it is referring to. From the dedicated merchandise to the young ones, from the heritage collections for brand enthusiasts to items with strong lines evocating the world of motorsport.

Sustainable collections which communicate the values of your brand


Communicate your values through sustainable collections


Sustainability: the keyword which guided the design of the last collection created by AUDES for Vodafone.

It is indeed an entirely green project, from the materials, to the biodegradable packaging to store and transport it, all following the meticulous logics of the reduction of waste and polluting agents and of a productive circularity which looks into the future.

Because today for brands being sustainable is not an option, it is an imperative. But talking about sustainability is not sufficient, it must be practised, in the whole production chain and with all partners.

A tailored project for large retailers


Aspiag, a leading company in large-scale distribution, has chosen AUDES as the ideal partner and reference point for its employees’ uniforms. A years-long consolidated partnership, thanks not just to the accurate collection proposals with innovative design, but also to our peculiar ability to interpret the products on the basis of dedicated fittings. A real instance of success!

Supersport and adventure for a one-of-a-kind trendy collection


Kawasaki reconfirms AUDES as partner in developing its new line of merchandise. A contemporary collection with a strong brand awareness, designed with the aim of sparking great emotions while meeting the taste of fans. Funny and captivating proposals also for young ones and for the entire family to use during leisure time.

Great emotions and a lot of adrenaline


A company that has done and is doing history in the world of engines and racing. Automobili Lamborghini embodies the Italian spirit and the constant search for perfection. A solid partnership was born to create a collection of clothing and accessories that could communicate excellence and quality in each of its shapes, for young and old.

2800 gas station employees in Italy are wearing AUDES


Q8 has chosen AUDES Group as partner to create the workwear collection for the 2800 gas stations of the Italian national territory. For Q8, AUDES Group has worked synergistically and across-the-board, designing and creating a workwear collection distributed through an online sale channel, counting on e-commerce to be closer to the needs of the market.

The goal we had set ourselves was to bring innovation to Q8 on different sides: both from the point of view of workwear collection and of distribution.


AUDES Group. Customised fashion and work items.

Professional work clothing, customised merchandise, accessories and many more services. Since 2005, at AUDES Group we do what we are best at: we make people live brands across-the-board and at the same time we help brands narrate themselves.

Through a team of Italian designers. A widespread network of partners. Exclusive services and skills.

And a lot of passion.



Six Services.
An unmatched experience.

At AUDES Group we are supporting you at 360 degrees in the creation of your project, from the design, through the communication, to the sale.


Strategy and Brand Analysis.

Research, Design and Collection Development.

Sourcing and Production.

Logistics and Distribution.