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Trend 2023: Work is a serious game.

Gaming and sociability become part of corporate communication in creative and fun ways

No one will remember the quality of the canapés or the music of the DJ set at the next office party. However, everyone will remember the games that the party organizers were able to come up with.

The peak trend of 2023 in corporate identity will, seriously, be games. After a two-year period of distancing and on-screen meetings, the desire to sit around a table, talk, confront each other in presence, and why not, play games, comes back strongly. It is the quickest and easiest way to become a child again and feel part of something beautiful.

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From the chessboard, to the ball, via card and skill games, companies choose to entrust simple, convivial objects with their communication, securing a front-row seat in the best memories of the people involved.
A human, tangible and positive touch. Let’s start again from the game, with optimism and complicity!

So in this short content we’ve put together some ideas of completed projects that could enrich your merchandising line for 2023.

calcetto balilla

And of course the customised table football could not be missing, an evergreen item to be placed in the common recreational areas of your company for the joy of your team!

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